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  1. German price comparison site, includes phone deals, DSL, and other stuff.
  2. UK based NFC seller. Great info on NFC tags, how to program them, how much data they store, and so on. Very handy, seems reasonably priced.
  3. A mobile telco in Belgium which offers pretty incredible deals, €15 for 2Gb of data, 1k texts, plus the €15 as credit. Plenty of calls to other on-net customers also.
  4. Virtual phone systems aimed at web entrepreneurs. Includes voicemail to email, extensions, all that jazz.
  5. Nerdtastic article on using meta tags and CSS to optimise site widths for mobile devices. Delves into a vastly deep amount of detail that explains why a simple principle will usually work. Useful.
  6. Really useful post on how to reset / reformat Nokia phones. *#7780# - Restore factory settings and *#7370# - Reformat. Handy dandy.
  7. How to install Nokia's internet radio application on the E52, E55 and E72. Reports that it works.

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