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  1. Entertaining and very, very, very long essay on why PHP sucks.
  2. PaaS offering for a wide range of platforms, free up to 8 servers, 2G of ram, 100M database. Supports, PHP, Node.js and more.
  3. The CakePHP MongoDB plugin. Include the plugin, create a model, flag it to be sent to Mongo, and boom, your'e in business. Simple, elegant.
  4. Useful intro to using MongoDB with CakePHP. Works quite nicely, load the plugin, specify your model should use Mongo, and boom, you're in business.
  5. Interesting article on how to obfuscate integer IDs by creating secure hashes which can be verified. Produces long hashes, but they are tamper proof.
  6. An API framework for CakePHP. They've implemented the Twitter API, and a handful of others. Very cakey, fits into the whole CakePHP approach very well. Not sure if it'll actually be that useful or not.
  7. A supposedly fast PHP framework, at least fast to build. Don't know much else.
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  8. A PHP framework, meant to be fast to build. Don't know much. Hat tip Richard Flett.
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  9. A PHP5 library that claims to be fast, easy to learn and fun. By the folks who make a twitter PHP class.
  10. Useful article about exporting data from revelation into a CSV ready for import into secrets, an Android password manager. Useful PHP script Revtrans which can decrypt and read the native revelation file format. Very handy.
  11. Interesting data serialisation format, alternative to json / PHP's serialize, etc. Designed to be fast and small.
  12. A short list of code changes required to make earlier Magento versions PHP 5.3 compatible. Very useful. Untested.
  13. Clever approach to monitoring mysql replication with monit. Ruby script checks replication is running and then touches a file, monit in turn monitors that file's timestamp and if it gets out of date, sends an alert. Sort of like a dead man switch. Clever.
  14. A Magento extension to integrate with NewRelic's monitoring system. I suppose it's a Magento wrapper for the NewRelic PHP library.
  15. Excellent article describing in depth how to have PHP store session data in memcached and the differences between the memcache and memcached implementations in PHP. Very useful.
  16. Groupon clone, claims to be open source but blatantly is not, pro version starts at $145, premium is "contact us" pricing.
  17. Seemingly simple Groupon clone script for $69 USD, paid in Brazilian Real's. :-)
  18. Good loooking Groupon clone with a seemingly low $200 price tag but a huge list of extra paid-upgrade modules.
  19. One of the many sites that appear to offer identical groupon clone scripts for $400.
  20. Nice(ish) looking groupon clone, $350. Appears to be built on PHP / MySQL. Looks like a unique product, unlike many of the others that appear to be clones of each other.
  21. A groupon clone site from Agriya, an Indian software company. No pricing information readily available online. Featured in the New York Times apparently, hap tip Glyn. Built on CakePHP.
  22. Scalable PHP PaaS service. Based on the concept of "boxes", which handle 2 simultaneous requests each, and can scale up and down dynamically. So 12 concurrent requests equals 6 boxes. Strange, but potentially cost effective for traffic peaks.
  23. PHP PaaS provider based in Ireland, acquired by Engine Yard.
  24. PHP cloud hosting. Very slick architecture. Custom managed EC2 nodes deployed behind varnish caches and nginx load balancers. Fairly reasonably priced.
  25. Article mentioning a selection of django hosting providers that provide "managed hosting". Very useful, some great companies.

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