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  1. Kinda creepy tool that "enriches" data from users who enter email addresses into forms. It mines their social profiles, etc. Free for 100 contacts, then from $29/mth for 300 contacts per month, 10c each, not cheap.
  2. Genius Thunderbird plugin that sets a custom From address based on the recipient address of the email. Genius, exactly what I've been seeking for years. Now to get it setup...
  3. The Magento plugin / extension recommended by the Varnish publishers, albeit in a blog post in September 2012.
  4. Article from Varnish Software about magento plugins, recommends the Phoenix one...
  5. CDN plugin for Magento that supports Rackspace and Amazon AWS CloudFront. Pushes images on demand, claims to be simple to integrate, and is free.
  6. Very useful page on configuring buddyPress through the wp-config equivalent bp-custom.php.
  7. WordPress plugin that appends a wikipedia (or other mediawiki site) entry to the bottom of a wp post / page. Uses ?action=render on the end of the url to get just the HTML for the article, not the site. Useful as a resource.
  8. WordPress plugins that provides many of the features on for users. Interesting, certainly deepens Automattic's grip on the WordPress ecosystem.
  9. Spam filtering service with plugins for major blogging / CMS engines. Free account passes up to 100 comments per day, then pro accounts for €30 /month or $3'600 a year.
  10. Nice social bookmarking plugin for WordPress. Creates really slick pop-up icons that are half hidden and jump upwards on mouseover. Very cool. From (and maybe somebody called Josh Jones).
  11. All sorts of goodies released under the GPL from the folks behind WordPress. Including jobs, stats stuff, mediawiki login integration, wpshell, and lots more.
  12. A nice article on how to mod the hell out of gedit to make into a pretty powerful ide. Some really good plugin recommendations and some custom code. Nice job. :-)
  13. An interesting jQuery / Colorbox (aka Thickbox / Lightbox) plugin for WordPress. Integrates with the [gallery] shortcode automatically and has a few themes bundled. Might be bloaty.
  14. A funky site listing chocolate shops in London! A nice example of wordpress-geo-mashups in use.
  15. A handy addon by one of the Greasemonkey developers that allows ctrl-t to open a new tab to the right of the current tab. It has some quirks though...
  16. Lifestream plugin for WordPress that gives you a tumblr-esque activity stream aggregated from multiple locations. Slick.
  17. Builds of Google Gears for 64-bit firefox.
  18. Jetpack is a simple language to write almost on-the-fly Firefox plugins. Pretty amazing technology, looks like css / jquery with some custom methods. Beautiful. Hat tip sfllaw.
  19. Plugin to automatically generate a table of content (TOC) for WordPress posts / pages.
  20. Tips on how to both detect WordPress hacks and more importantly, prevent future hacks.
  21. A list of plugins available for Gedit. Useful resource.
  22. A list of security related plugins for WordPress. Some good stuff.
  23. WP-HashCash implements the hashcash approach to spam prevention as a WordPress plugin.
  24. A directory plugin for WordPress. It allows you to whip up a directory, based on the DMOZ design, for any topic without writing any code. Could be nice.
  25. WP-AutoBlog is a plugin for WordPress that inserts posts based on RSS feeds. It has been used to generate a single WP site containing all the posts of a WPMU install to provide cross-site search / tagging / categories, etc. It could also power a planet.

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