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  1. Interesting VPN service. Bit pricey, but there's a 2 year plan for $80 which makes it pretty cheap. Includes SOCKS5 support, and allows 6 simultaneous connections. Claims absolutely no logs.
  2. Hosted torrents (in the cloud) from $10/month for 50G disk space. Torrent online, download. Simple, but a bit pricey...
  3. Article explaining how to create a custom 503 maintenance page and have it served by default in various situations (migrations for example). Very useful.
  4. Forwarding all web traffic from an old to a new server with nginx, includes a sample config for nginx. Useful.
  5. Similar to Charles Proxy, but only on Windows, a web debugger that acts as a proxy between browser and web and allows the user to monitor / modify request on the fly.
  6. A paid ($50/user) program that acts as a proxy between browser and web and allows the developer to monitor / modify / etc traffic including SSL. Handy. Want open source.
  7. Tips on how to use the Amazon Android google market alternative outside the US. It centres around proxying the IP into the US. Might be possible to tether to a proxied connection, could be simpler.
  8. A web based proxy script powered by PHP and curl, not free, released under a proprietary license, removing the "powered by glype" link costs money. Free as in beer.
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