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  1. Salt is a little like Ansible I guess, new alternative to puppet|chef, neat, built on python, open source.
  2. Ansible looks like a newer, simpler puppet|chef. Uses ssh by default, which is pretty neat, well suited to things like ec2, getting machines up from the ground up. Python. Smart. Free.
  3. Good article on the theory of python deployment. Makes some interesting arguments. Includes some code, but isn't really usable, but also has a link to parcel, open source python deployment.
  4. Useful quick intro to YAML.
  5. PaaS offering for a wide range of platforms, free up to 8 servers, 2G of ram, 100M database. Supports, PHP, Node.js and more.
  6. An online book (or $2.99 pdf) on learning python. Looks interesting. Smart name.
  7. Open source groupon clone built on django. Some uptake and support. Released in 2009 under MIT license.
  8. Simplified python hosting in "the cloud".
  9. Article mentioning a selection of django hosting providers that provide "managed hosting". Very useful, some great companies.
  10. A script to set up and deploy django servers. Hat tip rob.
  11. Useful article on how to deploy django apps on nginx. Handy.
  12. Python CalDAV library. Combined with Google's CalDAV api it could be a powerful calendar backend.
  13. Google's CalDAV api documentation. Their calendar service supports some caldav functionality, but not all. Interesting potential for soundclient.
  14. Wiki written in python as used by Ubuntu, FreeBSD, Debian and others. Uses flat file storage by default. Lovely.
  15. An AWESOME piece of code that creates a python based gui google maps browser and auto-downloader for offline user. Really, really, really useful. :-)
  16. Web browser testing and automation framework / suite. Similar to selenium. Cross platform, cross browser. Hat tip sfllaw.
  17. Newspipe reads an OPML file and sends the feeds by email. It has one unique feature in that it can scrape the link url and send the full thing as a MIME attachment to an email. Good for feeds which only publish descriptions. Written in python.
  18. rss2email reads feeds and delivers them by smtp. Written in python by Aaron Swartz.
  19. twill is a simple language that allows users to browse the Web from a command-line interface. With twill, you can navigate through Web sites that use forms, cookies, and most standard Web features.

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