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  1. An elastic search as a service provider with support for Frankfurt and Ireland, $25/mth per GB of memory. Looks like the cheapest, and one of the few in Frankfurt.
  2. Enable case insensitive searching in less by type -i or launching less with the -i flag. Genius.
  3. Excellent domain search tool, ajaxified, and supports multiple (even configurable) extensions, probably not 100% reliable though if it relies on whois.
  4. Search flights and see them laid out in a grid that shows take off time, layover time, stops, and sorts according to "agony" which tries to factor price, layovers, etc.
  5. Search across all the funky domains, short domains, etc. Awesome, instant, domain search. :-)
  6. Search all the craigslist sites from one interface. It loads local results in iframes.
  7. In one place search yahoo, Google, Technorati,, YouTube and lots of others. Punch in a term, see the top results from a whole bunch of useful sites. Great idea. Hat tip Seth Godin.
  8. Scroogle via SSL at
  9. Support charities by using ripple to search, to view ads, etc. They donate 100% of their revenue to charities, so it's not a business per se.
  10. Sitemaps are an easy way for webmasters to inform search engines about pages on their sites that are available for crawling.
  11. Your chosen charity is paid if you search the web with GoodSearch, it's powered by Yahoo.

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