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  1. Salt is a little like Ansible I guess, new alternative to puppet|chef, neat, built on python, open source.
  2. Ansible looks like a newer, simpler puppet|chef. Uses ssh by default, which is pretty neat, well suited to things like ec2, getting machines up from the ground up. Python. Smart. Free.
  3. A howto on setting up monit on an Ubuntu server. Fairly simple and straightforward. Includes basic info on customising alerts and so on.
  4. Put simply, Puppet is a system for automating system administration tasks. It's a language to define services, nodes, dependencies, and so on. Then it handles the "realisation" or "execution" of those definitions across multiple platforms, etc.
  5. Capistrano is a system built in Ruby to execute commands on many servers, in parallel via SSH. Config files, jobs, etc are written in Ruby.
  6. Linux Network Care are a specialist Linux server management company. They offer remote server administration, technical support, appliance management (cPanel, Plesk, etc) and so on.
  7. Rack Admins are a server admin company which appear to be based out of Ukraine. Their charges start from $30/hour for administration, $60/hour for consultancy.
  8. United Hosting offer both UK and US based, fully managed servers. They start from £200 / $300 per month. Recommended by Henry Dillon.

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