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  1. Collectl is a system monitoring tool. It logs a wide range of system metrics (disk, cpu, io, etc) and stores them in a variety of formats. It tries to cover all the bases unlike some other tools which focus on one or two methods.
  2. Hadoop is a distributed computing platform / filesystem. It provides HDFS which is similar to GFS (Google Filesystem) and MapReduce which splits programming tasks into small chunks. It's target is 10'000 node clusters.
  3. ChironFS is a fuse based filesystem that supports multiple backends. Writes are written to multiple hosts, reads come from a single host. It removes single points of failure and provides real time duplication / backup.
  4. ircmaxwell benchmarks Lighttpd versus Apache when serving static files. Results are overwhelmingly in favour of lighttpd.
  5. WebLOAD is an open source web site stress testing tool. Useful for simulating load on servers.
  6. Puppet is a system to abstract system administrator tasks such as configuring web servers, deploying database servers, and so on. It provides an abstract language to specify configurations and then handles deployment for you.
  7. An article describing a system that uses client side load balancing in a Web application. Voxlite is the example application built on Amazon EC2 and S3.
  8. Interesting article on offloading images to Amazon's S3 service to improve site performance (WordPress in this case).
  9. Varnish is a state-of-the-art, high-performance HTTP accelerator (reverse proxy). Varnish is designed by a BSD kernel developer to make full use of BSD / Linux kernel's ability to manage memory. It is extremely fast, up to 10 - 20 times faster than squid.
  10. memcached is a high-performance, distributed memory object caching system, generic in nature, but intended for use in speeding up dynamic web applications by alleviating database load.
  11. Yahoo!'s Exceptional Performance team evangelizes best practices for improving web performance.
  12. March 2004 - A general, overview level guide to optimising your WordPress hosting. Covers caching, MySQL, PHP and apache optimisation in general terms.
  13. April 2007 - A guide to optimising your WordPress hosting environtment focusing on PHP, MySQL optimisations and plugin / caching optimisation.
  14. A tutorial on how to improve site performance using HTTP header cache directives specified in .htaccess files.
  15. June 2007 - A guide to optimising WordPress sites, focusing on MySQL and PHP caching techniques.
  16. January 2007 - A guide to optimising a server for WordPress hosting, focusing on MySQL and PHP caching techniques.

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