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  1. An online mind mapping tool with a solid interface, and up to 3 mind maps for free, including some sharing capability. Made in Munich.
  2. This provided the extra info to get NFS working from OSX host to Ubuntu guest.
  3. This got me started sharing filesystems over NFS from an OSX host to an Ubuntu guest.
  4. Annoying bug in OSX internet connection sharing that screws the default route when it's enabled. Fix is `sudo route del default && sudo route add default` (get the default route before enabling).
  5. Couple of simple commands to setup shared terminal sessions with screen. Neat. Requires some permission changes on some hosts. Awesome for paired programming.
  6. A blocklist provider that gives access to a whole range of blocklists in one place. Very useful for transnmission, etc.
  7. Apparently semi-communal eco-village type community in Scotland. Worth researching.

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