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  1. To fix SSH agent forwarding, set the $SSH_AUTH_SOCK value. I copied it from my first login into my screen session and it worked fine. :-)
  2. Watch a folder and automatically sync changes to a remote system with rsync / ssh mv. Very neat. Handy for backup syncing.
  3. How to install bash completion on OSX from homebrew (and macports). Very handy.
  4. Mobile oriented alternative to SSH, handles connection roaming, updates the screen live waiting on backend. Interesting on crappy internet.
  5. Article on how to use a YubiKey alongside SSH RSA key based login. Bit of a hack, but it appears to work. Nice.
  6. The YubiKey is a USB device which appears to the computer as a keyboard. It has only 1 button, which when pressed, enters a one-time-password and then enter (can be configured). This can be verified against an online server, or offline via a few tools.
  7. Explains how to fix putty so it plays nicely with byobu. Requires two settings, Windows > Translation > UTF8, and Terminal > Keyboard > XTerm R6. Haven't been able to verify, but reports suggest it works.
  8. Very interesting article on how to enable single use password logon for Ubuntu. Requires a thing called opie and a few config file changes. Seems very useful...
  9. How to get custom RSA SSH keypairs into EC2. There is one region missing from this post.
  10. SSH client for Symbian OS for phones like the Nokia E51 and E52.
  11. A thread I started on how to measure ssh bandwidth usage for evaluating satellite internet on the ubuntu forums.
  12. Keychain is a front end for ssh-agent which sets up one ssh-agent session per machine reboot. Useful for unattended backups, and so on, as the key passwords need only be provided once per reboot.
  13. DenyHosts blocks hosts after several failed login attempts. It also provides a subscription service where you can share hosts that you block, so as to block attackers before they try the first login.

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