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  1. Neat in browser (or node) datastore written in Javascript that supports automatic syncing with a couchdb (or probably other) backend. Works offline with auto resync upon going back online. Pretty darned nifty.
  2. Watch a folder and automatically sync changes to a remote system with rsync / ssh mv. Very neat. Handy for backup syncing.
  3. Use the mount --bind option instead of a symlink to get Ubuntu One to cross partitions which it otherwise won't do.
  4. A sweet little app that needs a one line edit to Apache's config in order to run a basic weave (firefox sync) server. Welcome to my own firefox data backed up on my own server... :-)
  5. Neat calendar service. Sync with desktop clients, mobiles, etc and then displays public availability and allows people to schedule events while handling timezones smoothly. Hat tip Anthony Feint.
  6. Keep your mac synced with Google Contacts and Google Calendar. Yay for those Google loving mac using punks who want to use an Android device. Useless for us freedom lovers...
  7. ScheduleWorld is a free syncml server which runs funambol with a few custom tweaks.
  8. A simple script to sync two liferea installations via ssh + rsync. It copies the two core files from one machine to the other (so long as they're accessible by ssh).
  9. SyncEvolution synchronizes personal information management (PIM) data like contacts, calenders, tasks and memos via the SyncML information synchronization standard.
  10. libusb is an alternative to the visor kernel module which is reported to be 2-6 times faster.
  11. Backup your phone's contacts, events and other data via SyncML for free, forever.
  12. Synthesis produce one of the only available Palm SyncML client applications as at August 2007.
  13. Sync your Google Calendar to your handheld device via SyncML. Both free and paid versions.
  14. How to connect a USB Palm to Fedora, adding a udev rule

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