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  1. A script to set up and deploy django servers. Hat tip rob.
  2. An out of date guide on how to setup scponly and a chrooted scponly. It includes info on a bug (dev/null) which is now fixed, but otherwise it generally applies.
  3. A howto on setting up monit on an Ubuntu server. Fairly simple and straightforward. Includes basic info on customising alerts and so on.
  4. Keychain is a front end for ssh-agent which sets up one ssh-agent session per machine reboot. Useful for unattended backups, and so on, as the key passwords need only be provided once per reboot.
  5. rsnapshot is a perl utility that creates (illusory) filesystem snapshots using rsync and hardlinks (to save space). Every time a file is changed, a new copy is created, otherwise a hard link is used. It works hourly, daily or monthly.
  6. Useful article on how to backup and restore MySQL databases. Includes example commands and a basic overview of the theory.

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