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  1. Vasilis's recommendation for monitor advice.
  2. Excellent page outlining the various message queue platforms out there. Very clean, simple, open source, and apparently up to date. :-)
  3. A great article on the apparent insanity of venture capital funding economics and how vcs make decisions.
  4. Developer APIs for placing calls and sending SMS messages. Handles both incoming and outgoing, but only sends texts in the US and only has incoming US / Canadian numbers.
  5. The linux hotel in Essen, Germany. Site almost entirely in German.
  6. Great deals on second hand / refurbished computer kit. All online mail order. Used to be a yellow flyer, branding persists. Some great deals.
  7. A cool little survey tool that uses a javascript slide out to ask questions of visitors. Free for a few surveys with ads, or $25 - $29 a month for no ads and more response tracking.
  8. Free domain names (without DNS) on the and subdomains. Requests require human approval and so can take a few days. Interface is plain text to email, old school!

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