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  1. An ecommerce analytics tool. No pricing. Free "something", no credit card required.
  2. Metric storage and analytics service, comparable to Librato Metrics presumably. Cost per metric per month, 40c.
  3. Personal tracking tool. Very sweet, allows me to enter my own metric, so it tracks anything. Not sure about the interface. Pro plan at $4/month, nice price.
  4. Another geckoboard competitor. Starts at $19/month.
  5. Track personal metrics via Twitter DM. Send data points by sending a DM to the app. Not sure what the graphing looks like, apparently built by a statistician, and front page images look nice. Currently free.
  6. Paid (starts $19/mth 1 user) dashboard service. Creates fairly static dashboards, including graphs, but doesn't seem to allow detailed interrogation of historical data.
  7. Currently free (still in beta, maybe 100 users) dashboard app. Supports lists and todos on dashboards, and custom metrics can be pushed via a simple API. Only simple graphs, no use for interrogating historical data.
  8. Roll your own geckoboard like dashboards thanks to the fine folks at shopify. Takes data in a variety of ways, including a simple HTTP API, and looks elegant as hell. Brilliant.
  9. An open-source non-profit personal data visualization framework to help you make sense of your life and compare hypotheses about what affects your well-being.
  10. Interesting app about measuring peak brain activity through experiments and collecting data. Smart.
  11. Simple question sent by email every day and you reply by email to track the results. Useful, but bit low tech.
  12. Automatic daily tracker that logs how you get from place to place (walk, bike, etc) automatically, in the background. Android / iOS. Acquired by Facebook.
  13. Write questions and track the answers. Brilliant, except it seems to be email / web only. :-(
  14. A super fancy version of the jawbone up or the fitbit. Well, fancy in the sense of appearance. Small, sleek, designer.
  15. One site (the original) about the quantified self. Useful articles probably.
  16. Web action analytics. Tracks events rather than pageviews, so users clicking "Like", etc. All data in real time, detailed analysis, retained >3yrs. Pricing is free up to 25k data points, $150 for 500k, and upwards. Interesting.
  17. Tools to automate and track the success of repetitive emails. Insteads of copying / pasting the same pitches in email, use tout and track response, opens, clicks, etc on all the different templates. $30/month for 1 user, $50 for 3, $100 for 10.
  18. A system to monitor multiple aspects of a live application in production including the page load times, server load times, mysql response times, javascript render times, and so on. Expensive.
  19. GPS sat nav handheld devices with built-in spot messenger functionality. Epic! Starts from $550. Ideal for the true outdoor adventurist. Twitter just went global.
  20. A small satellite pager ($170) which offers tracking service ($100/yr) and a mapping service (map your location, $50/yr) and other emergency contact features.
  21. Track a whole bunch of stuff online, automatically. Seems to be an RSS aggregator on steroids with a catalogue function built in so you can "shop" for feeds...

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