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  1. AWESOME! Order sims from a whole bunch of countries for $5 plus $11 shipping. Freaking genius.
  2. Rio metro map courtsey of wikipedia.
  3. Includes info on where to get the bus to Dan Sai (Mo Chit bus station, far right, first floor).
  4. Buses in Brazil, Rio de Janeiro to Sau Paulo for 77R$ or 72R$ back.
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  5. Travel and tourism industry news. Hat tip Colin.
  6. Luxury travel company blog, covered by Morningside Travel, hat tip Colin.
  7. Article on a luxury resort in Tasmania, Australia suggested by Colin.
  8. Page of travel links suggested by Colin / Morningside Travel.
  9. Bus tracker for buses leaving Easter Road going to the airport.
  10. Search flights and see them laid out in a grid that shows take off time, layover time, stops, and sorts according to "agony" which tries to factor price, layovers, etc.
  11. Boni said she rented a 14 room house here for $200 a month around 2007. Stable, safe, launching point for missions to Kilimanjaro, big UN presence. Interesting...
  12. An eco lodge and avocado farm built and run by a Canadian American couple outside of Antigua.
  13. The Venezuelan dollar has an unofficial exchange rate which is updated on this site. Useful to figure out what the black market rate is before travelling.
  14. Island resort place that Meredith stayed at in Belize.
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  15. Flickr produce maps of geotagged photos. Could be useful in putting a travel map together.
  16. Travel insurance that you can buy and renew abroad. Starts from £25/month excluding USA / Canada / Japan or £30/mth including on a 10-12 month contract. Optional high value item coverage if you're at currently home.
  17. Trip planning, bus / bart / muni schedules for San Francisco and the bay area.
  18. The Brea Homestead Studio next to the Chase Suites Hotel in Brea round the corner from the PennySaverUSA /PowerSites web office.
  19. Extended Stay have a hotel next door to Chase Suites in Brea, round the corner from the PennySaverUSA /PowerSites web office.
  20. The departure hotel at Singapore airport. Within the secure zone, no need to clear immigration or security between the hotel and the gate. In all 3 terminals. Around £35/night.
  21. Hostel with free wifi in San Jose, Costa Rica. From $12 a night in the dorm. Has a garden, pool, etc.
  22. Touratech sell a wide range of accessories for BMW and other motorcycles. They focus on long range touring accessories.
  23. RedTag are a cheap flight / holiday search engine. Recommended by Canadians who found uber cheap tickets from Montreal to Belize City.
  24. Orbitz is a travel search engine like I think they handle booking, which makes them much more reliable than Kayak who simply advertise fares.
  25. Amadeus offer a range of travel related services including white label travel search engine.

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