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  1. Outsourced travel sales. WWTE is the wholesale / white label brand name of
  2. Freedom Travel are a white travel agency. They offer everything required to set up a travel agency, including equipment, payment processing, training, etc.
  3. Mobissimo is a travel search enginge. You can search for flights, hotels, etc, etc.
  4. receive paid submissions from travel companies which they claim to manually verify before listing. You can then search all of their listed deals via the site. Search was poor when I tried Cape Town.
  5. The EEE PC from ASUS is a circa $300 pc with a 7" display that's tiny. Solid state memory, up to 1Gb ram and 8Gb disk, no moving parts. Extremely light and compact, linux compatible. Custom distro (I think).
  6. lists all the budget airlines that fly from country to country. You can search by departure and arrival, and they provide links to the various web sites. Damned handy! :)
  7. The Lonely Planet discussion forums. A good place for up to the minute information on travel, visa requirements, etc.
  8. JetBlue are a budget airline that operate across most of the US.
  9. TripAdvisor allows you to search and book hotels, flights, etc and also supports user feedback on the hotels, etc.
  10. Kayak allows you to search multiple flight / holiday web sites and filter the results using some very cool ajax.
  11. TripIt is a new kind of online travel service that automatically organizes all your travel plans into one master online itinerary with everything you need for your trip – including travel confirmations, daily weather, local maps, city guides and more.

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