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  1. Track personal metrics via Twitter DM. Send data points by sending a DM to the app. Not sure what the graphing looks like, apparently built by a statistician, and front page images look nice. Currently free.
  2. Some sort of unified communication tool. Get all your "stuff" in one place, for the whole team. Free, and plans from $8 to $20 per month per user. Big focus on mobile apps.
  3. Commit to monthly donations to support developers who make cool shit. Potentially awesome.
  4. A really simple walkthrough of how an auto tweeting tool was created in node.js. Includes some useful links to node-oauth, forever (monit for node), and express, a web framework for node!
  5. An API framework for CakePHP. They've implemented the Twitter API, and a handful of others. Very cakey, fits into the whole CakePHP approach very well. Not sure if it'll actually be that useful or not.
  6. A clever pseudo-hack that allows a web site to determine if I'm logged into facebook / gmail / digg / possibly other sites based on various urls which are only accessible to logged in users. Obviously smashed by noscript... :-)
  7. A PHP5 library that claims to be fast, easy to learn and fun. By the folks who make a twitter PHP class.
  8. Wicked site to generate HTML5 boilerplates or starting points from which to design stuff. includes bootstrap, Google Analytics, and loads more stuff. Very, very useful.
  9. Landing page creation, pricing $15/month for 1, $25/month for 3, $35/month for 5. Seems to be well featured. Doesn't have the same spin as Launchrock though.
  10. Enter a twitter username and get a "follow cost" for them. How many tweets they post and how many are replies, as well as, golden, how many tweets are exactly 140 chars!
  11. Buy or sell ads for twitter followers. Interesting, sales based on impressions.
  12. GPS sat nav handheld devices with built-in spot messenger functionality. Epic! Starts from $550. Ideal for the true outdoor adventurist. Twitter just went global.
  13. A marketplace to buy and sell tweets. Prices are based on's grading of your account.
  14. Get a grade for your twitter profile. I was rated 1m out of 8m, whatever that means. Used by to gauge price of paid tweets.
  15. An interesting business focused app for twitter. Handle twitter content in a biz friendly fashion, multiple accounts, one login, see threads, set tasks to follow up, etc. Looks useful.
  16. A pidgin plugin for Twitter. So Twitter messages can be get / set via pidgin.
  17. allows you to update a bunch of social networks in one go. Post to and have it passed on to Twitter, Facebook, plurk, myspace, linkedin, plaxo, bebo, etc, etc.
  18. Groundcrew is Joe Edelman's project around local, real time events / activities / missions for real people. It's coordinated using SMS / IM / etc. Currently in beta (Apr 2008).
  19. Twistori is a live twitter feed social experiment! It tracks certain key phrases and displays live feeds of what people are saying (for example I feel, I hate, I love, etc).
  20. is a live search engine for twitter. You can grab a feed of queries, etc. Very simple, very light, very cool.
  21. TweetScan is a Twitter search engine. You can watch all public tweets and scan then for keywords. Very handy when getting the low down on something (or people not following hashtags).
  22. twhirl is a twitter client written in adobe AIR. It allows you to stay up to date with Twitter, post tweets, cross-post to pownce / jaiku, and so on.
  23. TwitterFeed allows you to specify an RSS or Atom feed and have the items automatically posted to a twitter account of your choice (you have to provide the us/pw). Currently free, and "in beta".
  24. Microblogging on mobile phones, IM, the web and more.

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