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  1. Ubuntu powered laptops with crazy specs, up to 64GB of memory, multiple hard drives + multiple SSDs, massive graphics power, etc.
  2. privbind runs an application as an unprivileged user after binding it to a privileged port. Great for running node on 80 for example...
  3. Article explaining how to use yubipam to enable yubikey authentication on a linux machine. However, yubipam only supports single factor auth, username + token, no additional password.
  4. PAM module that allows offline authentication against a yubikey. Requires a key to be retrieved from yubico by sending email plus payment info, etc. Less secure than online validation. Only supports single factor auth, username + token, no password.
  5. Script to enable a yubikey to be used with luks full disk encryption. Very interesting...
  6. Very interesting article on how to enable single use password logon for Ubuntu. Requires a thing called opie and a few config file changes. Seems very useful...
  7. Useful forum post that explains the `top -b` option, making top output text suitable for piping / writing to file, like `top -bn1 | mail`...
  8. Dummnet simulates different network bandwidth rates and latencies by introducing delays or chokes, works on *nix flavours.
  9. Useful article on setting up a hard drive to get best use out of an SSD. One to watch when upgrading to 11.04 probably.
  10. Useful list of keyboard symbols. I used it when creating new shortcuts for
  11. User friendly introduction to xmonad, a tiling window manager. Seems much more accessible now having read this. :-)
  12. A very secure, fast, light, extensible ftp server. user_sub_token is the option to investigate.
  13. Incredible little app that can run from an iPod on Linux / Mac / Windows and lets you manage your iPod. Beautiful. :-) Continuation of Yamipod.
  14. Handy howto edit PDF metadata using pdftk. In summary: `pdftk file.pdf dump_data output file.txt`, `gedit file.txt`, `pdftk file.pdf update_info file.txt output newfile.pdf`
  15. Ubuntu introduction from 6.10, one of the only references to "Linux for human beings" I could find on
  16. Article explaining how to set a scheduler on linux. Handy. :)
  17. A detailed how-to, including screenshots, on setting up an encrypted LVM in Ubuntu. This approach creates one single encrypted LVM and then multiple partitions within it (as well as an unencrypted boot partition). Easy to follow, useful reading.
  18. How to setup bluetooth dial up networking on Ubuntu to allow a palm device to connect. The key command is: $ dund --nodetach --listen --persist --msdun call palm
  19. Installing NetworkManager 0.7 from svn in Ubuntu Hardy 8.04. Includes details on how to add a repo and then some troubleshooting.
  20. How to install VMWare (1.0.5) on Ubuntu 8.04. Worked like a charm. :)

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