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  1. Very helpful thread that explains a simple one-line fix to curl problems with the PHP AWS SDK on Ubuntu 8.04 (slice1).
  2. Useful article on setting up a hard drive to get best use out of an SSD. One to watch when upgrading to 11.04 probably.
  3. Useful list of keyboard symbols. I used it when creating new shortcuts for
  4. User friendly introduction to xmonad, a tiling window manager. Seems much more accessible now having read this. :-)
  5. A very secure, fast, light, extensible ftp server. user_sub_token is the option to investigate.
  6. Tips on running Ubuntu on an SSD. Useful to check back when upgrading to 10.10 or later.
  7. Incredible little app that can run from an iPod on Linux / Mac / Windows and lets you manage your iPod. Beautiful. :-) Continuation of Yamipod.
  8. Step by step instructions on how to flash the rom of the Nexus One. Only missing part is the udev rules for Ubuntu.
  9. I installed the udev rules from this page on Ubuntu to get the HTC Google Android Nexus One properly recognised by Ubuntu.
  10. Handy howto edit PDF metadata using pdftk. In summary: `pdftk file.pdf dump_data output file.txt`, `gedit file.txt`, `pdftk file.pdf update_info file.txt output newfile.pdf`
  11. Ubuntu introduction from 6.10, one of the only references to "Linux for human beings" I could find on
  12. Quick tip on how to eject an Amazon Kindle on Ubuntu. sudo eject Kindle (or appropriate device name if you changed it).
  13. How to restore encrypted partitions on the ubuntu forums. Could be useful if needing to restore from a backup of an encrypted disk.
  14. Article explaining how to set a scheduler on linux. Handy. :)
  15. A group / page / team dedicated to Ubuntu on Lenovo X301s. Lots of links to useful info including worrying bugs.
    25-01-2009 to , ,
  16. Useful info on powering off the 3g modem on a Lenovo X301. Also includes tips on powering off other power saving devices at boot / resume.
  17. A thread I started on how to measure ssh bandwidth usage for evaluating satellite internet on the ubuntu forums.
  18. Thread explaining how to share a wired internet connection over a wireless network in ad-hoc mode on ubuntu including dhcp setup.
  19. How to instal VMWare 1.0.7 on Ubuntu 8.10. Includes link to a recent version of the any-any patch.
  20. Walkthrough on setting up Ubuntu Hardy Heron with full disk encryption. Very handy. :)
  21. The Ubuntu package list. One can find .debs to download here.
  22. Handy howto from the debian manual on browsing packages with apt. Includes explanations of the most common operations (apt-cache search, etc) and what they do.
  23. A tutorial on setting up encrypted partitions in Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon (7.10). Goes into some detail as to what each command does. Useful.
  24. An article on how to create an encrypted volume and then four ways to benchmark encrypted disk performance. Summary, the author estimates a 10% performance cost on a 3.2GHz system, 4Gb memory, no swap.
  25. A detailed how-to, including screenshots, on setting up an encrypted LVM in Ubuntu. This approach creates one single encrypted LVM and then multiple partitions within it (as well as an unencrypted boot partition). Easy to follow, useful reading.

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