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  1. How to setup bluetooth dial up networking on Ubuntu to allow a palm device to connect. The key command is: $ dund --nodetach --listen --persist --msdun call palm
  2. Installing NetworkManager 0.7 from svn in Ubuntu Hardy 8.04. Includes details on how to add a repo and then some troubleshooting.
  3. How to install Zend Studio on Ubuntu with Xgl / Compiz. Worked for me on 8.04.
    20-05-2008 to , , , , , , ,
  4. How to install VMWare (1.0.5) on Ubuntu 8.04. Worked like a charm. :)
  5. Bazaar is a distributed version control system available under the GPL. It supports upload of repos by ftp, rsync, sftp, etc. Repos can be hosted on a standard web server or by a bazaar specific server.

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