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  1. Tutorial on how to have launchd automatically run scripts (such as rysnc) when USB devices are plugged in, automated backup when a USB drive is plugged in for example.
  2. Tutorial on how to set up OSX to automatically backup when a USB drive is plugged in. Neat.
  3. Article explaining how to use yubipam to enable yubikey authentication on a linux machine. However, yubipam only supports single factor auth, username + token, no additional password.
  4. PAM module that allows offline authentication against a yubikey. Requires a key to be retrieved from yubico by sending email plus payment info, etc. Less secure than online validation. Only supports single factor auth, username + token, no password.
  5. Script to enable a yubikey to be used with luks full disk encryption. Very interesting...
  6. Sounds like it's a solution to the green screen on plugging in a usb monitor and getting a green screen.
  7. I think this was the original "tether your kindle via usbnetworking" post. The same fella also hacked his Kindle to get Ubuntu running (more or less) on it.
  8. Quick tip on how to eject an Amazon Kindle on Ubuntu. sudo eject Kindle (or appropriate device name if you changed it).
  9. UMTSmon is a tool to control and monitor a wireless mobile network card (GPRS, EDGE, WCDMA, UMTS, HSDPA) in a laptop running Linux.
  10. USB_ModeSwitch is a little script to help switch multi-mode USB devices between modes. Mostly it's for 3g wireless modems which load initially as a usb drive with the Windows drivers. Compatible with the Huawe E220 and E169.

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