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  1. How to reload VCL without flushing the cache. Genius. Start varnishadm then `vcl.load newconfig01 /etc/varnish/default.vcl` followed by `vcl.use newconfig01` and `quit` to finish. Excellent...
  2. Suite of SPDY command line tools including src/spdycat which is a curl / wget type client for SPDY enabled servers.
  3. Handy little script to monitor varnish stats from zabbix. Awesome.
  4. Simple regexes to handle device detection within varnish. Includes links to documentation and suggested implementations. Neat.
  5. Great little article on how to make sense of the varnishstat output.
  6. A helpful article on how to make HTTP requests by hand via telnet. Doesn't work by hand for me, only the script approach works. But useful nonetheless.
  7. The Magento plugin / extension recommended by the Varnish publishers, albeit in a blog post in September 2012.
  8. Article from Varnish Software about magento plugins, recommends the Phoenix one...
  9. A zabbix monitoring script for varnish ported from cacti.
  10. Article explaining how to create a custom 503 maintenance page and have it served by default in various situations (migrations for example). Very useful.
  11. Forwarding all web traffic from an old to a new server with nginx, includes a sample config for nginx. Useful.
  12. Useful pointers on how to store varnish cache on disk. Very easy, recommends using ext2 and noatime / nodiratime to improve disk throughput. Smart.
  13. A magento varnish plugin that enables varnish caching on Magento sites.
  14. Interesting write up by James at Incsub on how they handle scale on edublogs. Some good advice although a little light on specifics, a good starting point for research.
  15. Varnish is a state-of-the-art, high-performance HTTP accelerator (reverse proxy). Varnish is designed by a BSD kernel developer to make full use of BSD / Linux kernel's ability to manage memory. It is extremely fast, up to 10 - 20 times faster than squid.

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