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  1. Cloud hosting, bit pricey, can be configured ram / disk / cpu / etc. Works out twice as expensive as Linode. Arguably has a more "enterprise" featureset.
  2. PaaS offering for a wide range of platforms, free up to 8 servers, 2G of ram, 100M database. Supports, PHP, Node.js and more.
  3. PaaS offering for Node.js. Based on units called "drones". Starts at $3/month for a single drone, free for open source projects.
  4. Yet another monitoring app. Copper Egg combines real user monitoring, generic metric logging, server monitoring and maybe other stuff(?) into one application. Pricing starts at $19/month. Not unreasonable.
  5. Really useful site with some outrageously cheap VPS deals. Very useful, well organised, no search / filters, but offers expire I guess, so reading a few pages is ok.
  6. Very simple guide to using ufw to create firewall rules. `ufw allow ssh/tcp && ufw allow http/tcp && ufw allow https/tcp && ufw enable && ufw status` done. :-)
  7. Simplified python hosting in "the cloud".
  8. PHP cloud hosting. Very slick architecture. Custom managed EC2 nodes deployed behind varnish caches and nginx load balancers. Fairly reasonably priced.
  9. Ruby, Node.js and Clojure application hosting. Pricing is based on web and background workers. One node free.
  10. Article mentioning a selection of django hosting providers that provide "managed hosting". Very useful, some great companies.
  11. Useful article on how to deploy django apps on nginx. Handy.
  12. UK based hosting provider, includes a managed hosting offering. Hat tip Steve Kemp, he works for them.
  13. Pretty interesting hosting service that's pay as you go, where you pay only for what you use. Pricing starts near 1c per day. They also believe strongly in freedom of speech.
  14. 1TB of data for $39 (limited offer at 18 Mar 2011). Hat tip Anthony Feint. Plugins for drupal, wordpress, etc. Data is around 10c/gb up to 50TBs, comparable to EC2.
  15. Managed cloud computing. A slicehost server for about $50 is roughly equivalent to $113 with enki. Not outrageous for a managed service, depending on how deep the management goes.
  16. The managed hosting company used by He raves about them.
  17. Managed VPS and dedicated server hosting from ServInt. They are carbon positive. Used by Scot Hacker at Birdhouse hosting.
  18. Hosting company from the same people as Reasonably priced, probably ultra reliable, and well suited for privacy, etc.
  19. Interesting web hosting company. VPS based hosting from $10/month including a dedicated IP and mailserver with webmail (squirrelmail / OpenWebMail).
  20. Linode are a linux virtual server hosting company. Jeff Waugh (jdub) in Sydney uses them. Fairly cheap to reasonably expensive.
  21. Slicehost offer a breath of fresh air from the typical hosting company. Simple, easy, reliable hosting. Starts from $20/month. Wicked featuers (ajax console, rescue mode, etc, etc).
  22. Layered Tech provide dedicated servers from $49/month with 1'500 Gb of bandwidth. They appear to be even cheaper than UK2.
  23. VPS hosting company starting from $10/month (not $9.95, $10!) for 2gb disk, 100gb data. Plain text, simple web site, based in the US, copyright sensetive.
  24. Virtual server pricing and spec details.
  25. Virtual server pricing and spec details.

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