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  1. Awesome little service that shows you the content of incoming webhooks. Super useful.
  2. Another cloudinary alternative. Free for 25k per month, then $9 a month.
  3. Alternative to cloudinary with strictly on demand pricing, $3 per 1k images used (per month) plus 8c per GB of bandwidth. Exceptionally reasonable bandwidth charges...
  4. Online DTMF tone generator, useful when the localphone app won't send tones!
  5. Great little article on how to make sense of the varnishstat output.
  6. A helpful article on how to make HTTP requests by hand via telnet. Doesn't work by hand for me, only the script approach works. But useful nonetheless.
  7. Very useful article on offline web apps using HTML5 cache manifests.
  8. Get a grade for your twitter profile. I was rated 1m out of 8m, whatever that means. Used by to gauge price of paid tweets.
  9. Tagline "Online advertising technology. made simple". Not quite sure what it does, but looks worth remembering.
  10. A cool little survey tool that uses a javascript slide out to ask questions of visitors. Free for a few surveys with ads, or $25 - $29 a month for no ads and more response tracking.

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