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  1. Another cloudinary alternative. Free for 25k per month, then $9 a month.
  2. Alternative to cloudinary with strictly on demand pricing, $3 per 1k images used (per month) plus 8c per GB of bandwidth. Exceptionally reasonable bandwidth charges...
  3. Useful article explaining in simple detail how scrolling and onscroll events happen (or don't happen) on various mobile devices. Bit dated, but still useful.
  4. AWESOME! Well, as #awesome as windows / IE can get. Download virtualbox (or other) images of IE6-11 / Windows for testing. Licensed, legal, and everything!
  5. Similar to Charles Proxy, but only on Windows, a web debugger that acts as a proxy between browser and web and allows the user to monitor / modify request on the fly.
  6. A paid ($50/user) program that acts as a proxy between browser and web and allows the developer to monitor / modify / etc traffic including SSL. Handy. Want open source.
  7. An HTML entity lookup service. Type in part of the name or character and it'll show you the options. Useful.
  8. Web browser testing and automation framework / suite. Similar to selenium. Cross platform, cross browser. Hat tip sfllaw.
  9. oDesk is a little like RentaCoder but provides a fuller service including staff monitoring so projects can be paid by the hour.
  10. YSlow is an extension for Firebug which shows ways to speed up page loads. It's published by Yahoo as part of their developer network.
  11. How to install Internet Explorer 6 and 7 side by side. *Very* useful for development and testing.
  12. Collectl is a system monitoring tool. It logs a wide range of system metrics (disk, cpu, io, etc) and stores them in a variety of formats. It tries to cover all the bases unlike some other tools which focus on one or two methods.
  13. A great article on how to implement multi-dimensional array and object sorting in Javascript in the most efficient manner. The article compares the speed of multiple approaches and provides code to implement the fastest approach.
  14. Firebug is a powerful debugging tool for web development. It's primarily a Firefox extension with a lite version available for IE, Opera and Safari. It allows you to debug, inspect, edit on the fly, and much more.
  15. This is an article on javascript arrays. It provides a good walkthrough on how to filter an array, including some prototype code to add the .filter() method in IE.
  16. The PHP autoload function which can lazy-load classes just in time as they are instantiated.
  17. The web design / development company based in Pakistan behind and other projects.

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