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  1. Brilliant app that draws a border on the active window in OSX. Fabulous for keeping track of which window is currently active.
  2. OSX window manager with a Javascript API. Interesting. Looks pretty hardcore, no native coffeescript that I can see, and can't find events, but it has potential... Oh, and you gotta build it!
  3. Useful mac app that enables keyboard shortcuts to resize and position windows Handy. Might not be necessary in addition to BetterTouchTool though.
  4. Funky open source web app around task management that syncs and has a client across Mac, Win, iPhone, Android. Apparently no linux support. Built on top of Titanium from appcelerator.
  5. Incredibly interesting app development platform that builds apps for all platforms (desktop & mobile, including linux, yay!) quickly with a single API. Open source, free, pay for premium support. Very, very interesting business.
  6. User friendly introduction to xmonad, a tiling window manager. Seems much more accessible now having read this. :-)
  7. A freeware Windows application called JPEG Resizer from Virtualzone.

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