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  1. WordPress plugin that appends a wikipedia (or other mediawiki site) entry to the bottom of a wp post / page. Uses ?action=render on the end of the url to get just the HTML for the article, not the site. Useful as a resource.
  2. Nice social bookmarking plugin for WordPress. Creates really slick pop-up icons that are half hidden and jump upwards on mouseover. Very cool. From (and maybe somebody called Josh Jones).
  3. An interesting jQuery / Colorbox (aka Thickbox / Lightbox) plugin for WordPress. Integrates with the [gallery] shortcode automatically and has a few themes bundled. Might be bloaty.
  4. Ryan (core WP dev) Boren's post on taxonomy (category & tag) intersections and unions. WordPress has in-built support for complex include / exclude querying.
  5. Plugin to automatically generate a table of content (TOC) for WordPress posts / pages.
  6. WordPress forms plugin, similar to cforms but potentially simpler. Can't find it on
  7. Tips on how to both detect WordPress hacks and more importantly, prevent future hacks.
  8. Instict are the people behind They're a New Zealand based outfit.
  9. The comment referrers plugin stores the HTTP referrer field when a comment is submitted and then adds it to the comment in the admin / email view. Helps to identify spam.
  10. WordPress MU community site by the people at Incsub (professional WPMU developers).
  11. The WP CSS plugin combines multiple CSS files used by WordPress into one single, gzipped file for faster download, fewer connections.
  12. The WP JS plugin combines multiple javascript files used by WordPress into one single, gzipped file for faster download, fewer connections.
  13. A list of security related plugins for WordPress. Some good stuff.
  14. AskApache Password Protect is a WordPress plugin which uses .htaccess and other methods to block some common WordPress attacks. Some of the options get in the way of functionality, but many do not and will help.
  15. WP-HashCash implements the hashcash approach to spam prevention as a WordPress plugin.
  16. Crowd Favorite are WordPress plugin and bespoke site developers. They created an AnswersTips plugin.
  17. A directory plugin for WordPress. It allows you to whip up a directory, based on the DMOZ design, for any topic without writing any code. Could be nice.
  18. The Ad-minister plugin provides basic ad management within WordPress. You can choose locations, insert code in your theme, then manage your banners from one location. It's like a simple version of openX.
  19. The Feed Statistics plugin does exactly what it says on the tin, gives you stats on your feeds including subscribers, link click throughs, etc. It seems to do what Feedburner offers.
  20. Pop in a WordPress function name and it'll tell you when it was introduced and when it was dropped. It tracks over 1'900 functions through 30 versions of WordPress. Nice. Thanks ozh.
  21. WP-AutoBlog is a plugin for WordPress that inserts posts based on RSS feeds. It has been used to generate a single WP site containing all the posts of a WPMU install to provide cross-site search / tagging / categories, etc. It could also power a planet.
  22. FeedWordPress is a plugin that inserts posts into a WordPress site from other RSS feeds. It can be used to create a planet (rss aggregator) on WordPress.
  23. The Custom Write Panel WordPress plugin allows you to create new "Write" panels in the admin which include custom fields. You can also hide the standard fields from view.
  24. Embed Google AdSense ads into your WordPress feeds.
  25. Use's stat service on your standalone WordPress blog.

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