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  1. Crowd Favorite are WordPress plugin and bespoke site developers. They created an AnswersTips plugin.
  2. A patch for mod_auth_mysql to support the new phpass format used in WordPress 2.5+. It's an apache mod.
  3. A directory plugin for WordPress. It allows you to whip up a directory, based on the DMOZ design, for any topic without writing any code. Could be nice.
  4. The Ad-minister plugin provides basic ad management within WordPress. You can choose locations, insert code in your theme, then manage your banners from one location. It's like a simple version of openX.
  5. Revolution is a commercial theme for WordPress. You buy the theme either as a single license or developer license for $80 - $400 USD (ast at Mar 2008).
  6. gelato cms is described as a tumblelog cms. It's based around the tumbr concept, you can easily post snippets. Various themes and plugins are available.
  7. Habari is an open source PHP / MySQL blogging platform (like WordPress).
  8. A list of free / open source blogging platforms on Wikipedia. Handy. :)
  9. WP Remix is a highly customisable, commercial WordPress theme. It has various home page layouts, single page layouts, and so on. These can be used in combination to create many different versions of the theme.
  10. Radiant CMS is a simple CMS system built in Ruby on Rails. It has a plugin interface so it can be extended.
  11. b5media is a blog network company. As at Jan 2008 they have over 320 blogs in 15 channels and over 10m unique visitors a month. They user WordPress standalone for all their blogs and manage monetisation centrally.
  12. Defensio is a comment spam prevention service, similar to Akismet. It's from a company based in Montreal.
  13. WP-United is a WordPress phpBB bridge. It integrates WordPress into an existing phpBB site.
  14. The Feed Statistics plugin does exactly what it says on the tin, gives you stats on your feeds including subscribers, link click throughs, etc. It seems to do what Feedburner offers.
  15. Pop in a WordPress function name and it'll tell you when it was introduced and when it was dropped. It tracks over 1'900 functions through 30 versions of WordPress. Nice. Thanks ozh.
  16. WP-AutoBlog is a plugin for WordPress that inserts posts based on RSS feeds. It has been used to generate a single WP site containing all the posts of a WPMU install to provide cross-site search / tagging / categories, etc. It could also power a planet.
  17. FeedWordPress is a plugin that inserts posts into a WordPress site from other RSS feeds. It can be used to create a planet (rss aggregator) on WordPress.
  18. WPMU Dev is a resource for WordPressMU (MultiUser) plugins and other goodies. It also offers a commercial service providing support and other things.
  19. The Custom Write Panel WordPress plugin allows you to create new "Write" panels in the admin which include custom fields. You can also hide the standard fields from view.
  20. Pebble is a lightweight, open source, Java EE blogging tool. It's small, fast and feature-rich with unrivalled ease of installation and use. Blog content is stored as XML files on disk and served up dynamically, so there's no need to install a database.
  21. Apache Roller is a full-featured, multi-user and group-blog server suitable for blog sites large and small. It powers internal and external employee blogs and Sun, IBM and other companies as well as the Java blogging community.
  22. Embed Google AdSense ads into your WordPress feeds.
  23. Use's stat service on your standalone WordPress blog.
  24. Using APC (Alternative PHP Cache) and WP-Cache2 together causes some issues, the solution is to have APC not cache the wp-cache-config files.
  25. This is a collection of stats from including user signups, number of blogs, page views, etc.

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