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  1. Email / Zimbra hosting from Starts from about $50/mailbox/year. Optional "Legal Compliance" service that archives all incoming / outgoing mail permanently for $25/mailbox/year. Nice feature.
  2. Tips on how to both detect WordPress hacks and more importantly, prevent future hacks.
  3. GetShopped is a WordPressMU based ecommerce platform. It's initially free (limited to 200 transactions / month). No prices are available for the upgrades.
  4. Instict are the people behind They're a New Zealand based outfit.
  5. Woopra is a free web analytics tool with a focus on real time analytics. Track visitors live, even talk to them in real time.
  6. The comment referrers plugin stores the HTTP referrer field when a comment is submitted and then adds it to the comment in the admin / email view. Helps to identify spam.
  7. Black Hat Boot Camp have a list of (currently 64,724) WordPress blogs which can be searched or downloaded in plain text format, for free.
  8. A howto on setting up monit on an Ubuntu server. Fairly simple and straightforward. Includes basic info on customising alerts and so on.
  9. A list of vulnerabilities in WordPress versions. Very useful.
  10. Tuffmail offer an exceptionally advanced mail hosting service. The feature list is very detailed and very technical. All accounts are monthly bandwidth limited (related to the disk limit). Starts from 1 account at $2.40/month.
  11. Lists webmail providers including a list comparing features such as own domain, imap, pop3, etc. Makes a useful list when looking for an outsourced mail provider.
  12. WP Glamour sell premium WordPress themes and offer some free themes for download.
  13. A design company with a speciality in WordPress themes. They designed a custom theme for Custom designs start from $2'000.
  14. MailCircuit hosting starts from $10/year/account (minimum of 5 accounts) plus $150 setup on your own domain. So $50/year plus $150. 10Gb mailbox, etc. They have a handy list of their competitors. :)
  15. BlueTie are a business email hosting company. Prices start from $5/month/user including 10Gb of space, virus, spam, calendar, etc.
  16. Runbox is a mail hosting service, from $50/year, sub accounts at $20/year, extra domains $5/year.
  17. Mail hosting company based in the UK. Accounts start from £12/year for a 1Gb IMAP / POP3 / SMTP box.
  18. Useful article on how to backup and restore MySQL databases. Includes example commands and a basic overview of the theory.
  19. FuseMail is a hosted mail service which includes webmail, IMAP, POP3, calendar functions, shared files, groupware, and more. All for $2/month/mailbox. Great.
  20. Put simply, Puppet is a system for automating system administration tasks. It's a language to define services, nodes, dependencies, and so on. Then it handles the "realisation" or "execution" of those definitions across multiple platforms, etc.
  21. Capistrano is a system built in Ruby to execute commands on many servers, in parallel via SSH. Config files, jobs, etc are written in Ruby.
  22. The WP CSS plugin combines multiple CSS files used by WordPress into one single, gzipped file for faster download, fewer connections.
  23. The WP JS plugin combines multiple javascript files used by WordPress into one single, gzipped file for faster download, fewer connections.
  24. Linux Network Care are a specialist Linux server management company. They offer remote server administration, technical support, appliance management (cPanel, Plesk, etc) and so on.
  25. Rack Admins are a server admin company which appear to be based out of Ukraine. Their charges start from $30/hour for administration, $60/hour for consultancy.

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