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Sydney to Maleny and backJuly 24, 2008

Ross and I set off in the eco camper van … We left Sydney heading north. Our first night we pulled off the road onto a track through a…
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First round of Sydney photosMay 28, 2008

An assortment of photos from Sydney follows. It ’ s quite common to see surfers strolling through the streets of Sydney. In fairness, this…
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Excess bandwidth charges in AustraliaMay 15, 2008

What is bandwidth? A quick explanation for non-techies. Think of an internet connection like a water pipe. You can choose what size of pipe…
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Tim Ferris in SydneyMay 14, 2008

Henry very kindly booked me a ticket for Tim Ferris ’ s 4 Hour Work Week session in Sydney . I haven ’ t read the book, but I ’ ve heard…
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