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Easy GitHub backup with curlFebruary 17, 2015

We just deleted an old private GitHub repository. Before we did, I wanted a copy of the issues. Turns out, it ’ s super simple with curl. Of…
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Advanced CrashPlan backup strategyDecember 28, 2014

Some lessons I ’ ve learned in my year and a half with CrashPlan. Please note, this is an advanced guide to CrashPlan. You have been…
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Rsync.net gets cheaperOctober 28, 2008

My online backup service, rsync.net , has just dropped their prices. They ’ re now $1.20 per GB per month, unlimited bandwidth. Pretty…
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Goodbye Rsync.net, Hello Amazon S3October 27, 2007

Update 27-Nov-2008: In the end I stayed with rsync.net . Today I ’ ve decided I ’ m fed up with my current backup provider, rsync.net…
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