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OlinData are awesomeMarch 13, 2015

I received an unsolicited email from Walter Heck and his team at OlinData . Before I ’ d even read it, I had another email apologising for…
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Processing incoming emailsAugust 21, 2011

I ’ ve been looking into how to programatically process incoming emails. For example, to create an email address where somebody can send a…
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Free creates social noiseJune 22, 2009

The proliferation of “ free ” is creating a society in which we are exposed to ever more content. It may seem at a macro level like just…
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Google WaveMay 29, 2009

This might be the most exciting technological development since email. I ’ m truly impressed at Google ’ s approach to this project. It…
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FuseMail is GoAugust 30, 2008

After my bitching about FuseMail , two of their guys chimed in and saved the day. My faith in FuseMail was restored. I ’ ve gone ahead…
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