A day at Dual Sport Plus

I spent the day with the awesome folks at Dual Sport Plus in Stoney Creek, just outside Toronto. I was told that Les, who owns the shop, is a KLR master. He’s a fellow KLR rider and very knowledgeable. He’s ridden KLRs all over the Americas I understand.

In the afternoon I spotted what I suspected was a Google street view car. I was correct. I snapped a few pics.

Google streetview car

Turns out the driver was in the shop talking motorbikes. The car is about $16k he said, the cameras and computer equipment $80k! Quite the setup. There are 9 cameras on the vehicle. Four pointing forward / back / left / right, four diagonally and one upwards. Here’s a close up.

Streetview camera close-up

Rick is the mechanic at Dual Sport Plus. He’s also a fine fellow and was very helpful today. He talked me thorugh the doohickey upgrade. That’s the technical term! Here’s Rick reading the manual.

Rick reads the manual

In addition to the doohickey upgrade I also changed the oil, switched to a re-usable oil filter, replaced the brake and clutch levers, upgraded the gear shifter pedal and gave the bike a bit of a clean. Here’s a photo once we’ve got the side of the engine off.

Side of the bike off

The pieces that we’ve taken off are lying on rags on the floor.

Pieces on the floor

Once we got the engine side open, we discovered the piece we were replacing had split into two. The spring that is supposed to hold tension on the chain had completely vanished. It’s probably buried inside the engine somewhere. Now that I’ve got the upgrade installed, the bike sounds much healthier. It almost purrs now. Accelerating no longer sounds like the engine is destroying itself. Happy days.

Big thanks to Rick and Les. If you find yourself in Toronto needing motorbike assitance I highly recommend Dual Sport Plus.


Today is my greant aunt Bess’s 98th birthday. Ninety eight years old and still going strong. Bess is the eldest of her siblings, and one of only two still living alone. She’s an inspiration to us all.

In honour of Bess’s birthday I’m naming my motorcycle Bessy. She might be a few years old (in motorbike years) but she’s in cracking shape and good for another decade at least. Bessy and I are all set to ride this continent north to south and back!

Here’s me in my new orange riding jacket looking suitably lop sided.

Callum in an orange jacket

A Kawasaki KLR650

I bought a motorcycle today. A Kawasaki KLR650, dual sport bike.

Callum on a KLR650

Started out easy, rode around town a little. Still getting completely comfortable with the clutch on a motorbike. Heading down to Los Angeles on the bike at the weekend so planning to get lots of practice before that. 🙂

The giant silver boxes will be my new backpack. I am now a motorcycling backpacker!