Viral campaigns with maitre

At Trustroots we’re experimenting with virality. I found maître, and it looked awesome. I reached out and they gave us a 50% discount. Great start. We setup the campaign, deployed, and then found a small glitch and had difficulty with our specific use case. Chatted with their support, and by the time I read their reply, they had deployed all three suggestions I made.

They’ve set a whole new bar for exceptional customer service. If you want to run viral campaigns, I highly recommend checking them out via my affiliate link!

Talking down the competition

I was at the Cape Town Vespa store a few days ago. All the sales people we met were talking trash about the much cheaper Vuka bikes. One chap said to us “The brakes fail after 500km.” When pressed, what he meant was, the brakes need tightened regularly on the Vuka bikes.

True, it does need maintenance. It doesn’t ride as well as a Vespa. Some would say it’s not as stylish. The Vespa has much better brakes. The Vespa is probably a lot safer. But the Vuka range starts at R5’000 ($600 USD) while the Vespa range starts at R40’000 ($4’800 USD) for an equivalent CC. So naturally you’d expect the Vespa to be better quality.

Just for the record, I ride a Vuka. 🙂

The end result of my experience is, I actually think less of Vespa. Simply because they talked down the competition. If they’d talked up the benefits of their brand, I’d probably hold Vespa in much higher regard.

It was a great, real life example of the old marketing adage, focus on your positive points, don’t put down the competition. From personal experience, it’s absolutely true. Talk up your product, don’t talk down the competitor’s.