Lots more snow

Here’s a few snaps of what I’m enduring in case you’re having difficulty understanding my departure for Las Vegas next week!

I can’t remember what I was trying to capture in this first shot, but this is all I could see…

Canada Toronto See the snow

I wonder what’s not supposed to park here? Reindeer? Snowmobiles?

Canada Montreal No Parking Snow Style

Or perhaps this is what happened to the last car that ignored the signs. I wonder if it’s warm under there…

Canada Montreal Snow keeping the car warm

It’s important the snow has somewhere nice to sit in Montreal.

Canada Montreal Snow sitting on a bench

Perhaps now you might have a feel for why I’m choosing to depart from bonny Canada in search of warmer shores. If I had all the winter gear (waterproof everything, boots, lined trousers, thermals, etc) then it might be fun, but travelling with two pairs of jeans it’s definitely not. Viva Las Vegas!

Hitchiking in New York

On Monday I caught the ‘hound to Plattsburgh, NY from Montreal. From there I hitched over to Saranac Lake, population ~5’000 where I witnessed local politics in action. Twas exciting! Today I hitched back to Plattsburgh and from there back up to Montreal, crossing the border on foot.

My first lift was from a mother, daughter and guy just out of jail for selling methodone. My second ride offered me a pipe of weed and we sank at least 3 beers on the ride. This morning I was picked up by a doctor coming off a 24 hour shift, then a mobile salesman, a couple with a disabled sticker and finally the US Postal Service truck heading from JFK to Montreal.

All in all, a couple of days of adventure.

Here’s me leaving Saranac Lake this morning.

US New York Hitching out of Saranac Lake

Smart Dressers in Montreal

There seem to be very few smart dressers in Montreal. Most people are dressed more functionally, slightly dowdy even. I see few young executives wearing sharp suits and brightly polished shoes. Few bright shirts and dynamic ties.

It’s a completely subjective statement, perhaps the sharp dressers drive to work, or take the metro at different times to me (I try to avoid peak times). But so far, my impression of the average Montrealer is someone dressed fairly averagely. A nondescript, functional dresser wearing warm clothing and sensible shoes.

Is a nation less obsessed with fashion a good thing? In my view, probably.

Montreal Police

I had my first run in with the Montreal police force last night. I was pulled over for jay walking! I resisted the urge to get into a debate about freedoms with the officer, instead I played the dumb tourist card, rather successfully. Although he couldn’t believe we don’t have jay walking laws in Scotland, he let me off without a ticket.

I learned my lesson. I now check for police before I jay walk. 😉