Baja Bound Mexican motorcycle insurance

I’ve read that 3rd party liability insurance is required in Mexico. I wasn’t asked for any proof of insurance at the border, but I hear it can save me going to jail if I get into an accident. So, a couple of days before crossing the border, I bought a policy. I read somewhere that Baja Bound were a chunk cheaper than other insurers. I ran a few online quotes and they came in under $100. The next cheapest policy was over $130, but to see that quote online I had to check a box that said I did have US or Canadian insurance on the vehicle. The guy on the phone told me it didn’t matter for liability only packages, but the web site wanted an extra $50 if I said no to that question. Weird.

Within a few hours of buying my policy, I received an email from Hank Morton at Baja Bound. He thanked me for my business and had noticed that I mentioned the insurance on my blog, he shamelessly asked for a plug and said he’d be happy to give me a $20 rebate. Awesome! I’m impressed. These guys are clearly on the ball in terms of their online branding. I suggested Hank donate the $20 to a charity of their choosing and he explained that they already work with a range of charities, so that would be easy.

I had one issue during the order process. I checked the box that said no, I don’t have US or Canadian insurance on the vehicle. But while entering vehicle information the site said that US or Canadian insurance was required. Hank confirmed it is not, so it seems like a miscommunication on the site. Otherwise, the ordering process was painless and I had my certificate immediately.

I’m happy to recommend Baja Bound for motorcycle or car insurance in Mexico.