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Better 2FA on PayPalMarch 02, 2015

I recently setup Two Factor Authentication on PayPal. It ’ s super annoying. Whenever I want to login I need to receive an SMS (which takes…
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Advanced CrashPlan backup strategyDecember 28, 2014

Some lessons I ’ ve learned in my year and a half with CrashPlan. Please note, this is an advanced guide to CrashPlan. You have been…
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Experiments with anonymous emailJuly 12, 2014

We recently received a letter from a German lawyer alleging a copyright violation. Time to say auf wiedersehen to internet surveillance and…
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Full encryption is go!November 10, 2008

This post comes to you from Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid Ibex, upon a fully encrpted 500GB disk. So if my laptop should fall into the wrong hands…
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Password SecurityOctober 19, 2007

There was some discussion on the BeWelcome developers mailing list recently about OpenID and passwords, encryption and so on. Today I…
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