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WP Mail SMTP v0.7May 03, 2008

I released version 0.7 of the WP Mail SMTP plugin a couple of days ago. To make support a little more manageable I ’ m going to switch the…
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WP Mail SMTP v0.6 releasedApril 30, 2008

Just released a new version of the WP Mail SMTP plugin . There were a stream of similar questions about one particular error message over…
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WP Mail SMTP v0.3September 06, 2007

A few people reported problems with the WP Mail SMTP plugin. I ’ ve resolved a few bugs and added a new feature that allows you to set the…
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First Published WordPress PluginAugust 30, 2007

I just whipped up a very simple little WordPress plugin called WP Mail SMTP . It ’ s not my first plugin, I ’ ve created quite a few for…
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