WP Mail SMTP v0.7

I released version 0.7 of the WP Mail SMTP plugin a couple of days ago. To make support a little more manageable I’m going to switch the comments from the plugin page to a post for each version. So please ask in the comments here for all support questions related to version 0.7. If you’re using a previous version, please upgrade and then post your questions here! 🙂

Please be sure to look back at previous questions before posting here. If you’re having a problem where mails are not being sent, or anything of that nature, please post your debugging output. Send a test mail, then copy / paste the response into the comments. Remember to delete any passwords. I’d recommend you replace any @ symbols with something else (at), [at], #at#, etc.

WP Mail SMTP v0.6 released

Just released a new version of the WP Mail SMTP plugin. There were a stream of similar questions about one particular error message over the last few months. Hopefully this new version will provide more detailed debugging output. I’d recommend upgrading to anyone having problems. There are no bugfixes or security fixes in this update, so it’s not a priority release.

Update: I’ve released version 0.7 today as well. This version fixes a long-standing bug where the plugin would overwrite the from name and email, even if they had been set by another plugin (or WordPress itself). I recommend everyone update to 0.7 as soon as possible.

WP Mail SMTP v0.3

A few people reported problems with the WP Mail SMTP plugin. I’ve resolved a few bugs and added a new feature that allows you to set the From name and email address of all mail sent by the wp_mail() function. I’ve thoroughly tested this version (unlike previous versions, oops!) and I’ve released it for immediate update.

Please note: SMTP authentication does not work in version 0.2, I encourage all users to upgrade immediately.

First Published WordPress Plugin

I just whipped up a very simple little WordPress plugin called WP Mail SMTP. It’s not my first plugin, I’ve created quite a few for clients, but it’s the first one that I’ve published in my own name.  It’s already listed on WP-Plugins.net and I’ve submitted it to WordPress.org, how very exciting! 🙂